Preparing the Prepared Environment

I have been working on the Prepared Environment for the last couple of weeks. This includes making clothing accessible in a dresser instead of on hangers in an armoire, putting lots of little baby things in storage, and beginning list after list of how to and what to do.
I must confess. I am a list lover. You, dear reader, will see many lists as we prepare for preschool. I am not limiting my lists to that time period though so you may see the many lists that are in my life in regards to our Montessori work.
Since I confessed I should share a list right? Of course. This list is not quite complete but will be updated once choices/changes are made.

Projects to make
1. Geometric Insets
2. Sandpaper Letters
3. Mystery Bags
4. Number rods & red rods
5. 2-d shapes
6. Color Tablets 1, 2, 3 & resemblance
7. Sound Jars
8. Smelling Jars
9. Button Frame, zipper frame, snap frame

More to come... Stay Tuned!


Annicles said...

How are you doing with the prepared environment? I find that I am constantly paring down what we have until I think that my 3 cannot have anything left to play with and then I find them all absorbed in a project either together or separately - because they have the physical and mental space to work. It's very interesting!
Let us know how you do!!

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