Early work ideas from Teach Me To Do It Myself

Teach Me To Do It Myself has been a great resource. I like several of the activities.

In the Practical Life Skills section we are already working on:
Washing hands (in the sink, not in a bowl)
Brushing hair (this has been something Lovebug has been doing for quite some time. We just need to add the element of a mirror.)
Learning to pour (this has been spontaneous from Lovebug, this week)
Learning to transfer (also spontaneous, this week)

Practical Life Skills we will be working on:
Cleaning teeth
Folding clothes (Lovebug is really good at unfolding them)
Putting on a coat
Buttoning a shirt. (I will be making dressing frames for buttons, zippers, snaps, buckles, laces, ribbon ties, velcro, safety pins)
Putting on shoes
Washing shoes
Using clothespins
Using tongs
Opening & closing objects
Threading buttons

Developing Senses (sensorial) work to come:
Textural opposites
Tactile opposites
Comparing textures
Mystery bag
Learning shape & size
Matching two dimensional shapes
Matching three dimensional shapes
Discovering colors
Distinguishing sounds

For developing Language Skills we will continue to read. We will also be taking a weekly walk to the local library to choose new books.

Numeracy skills will come along the way so the only one I will focus on for now with Lovebug is sorting into sets.

Science is also a later skill set. We will continue to work together in the kitchen and gather objects to be analyzed on our walks.


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