Our story starts here

Where to begin.
I have been reading a couple of blogs that have inspired me to begin the Montessori Method at home with our son. This inspiration has come from Montessori Free Fall and Chasing Cheerios.
I checked out as many books on the topic I could find from my library. A couple recommended books were not on the shelf so I asked Barnes & Noble to bring them in so I could look at them and purchase at least one. (I was disappointed to see the local store carried no material on Montessori.) They were happy to help so now I am the proud owner of Teach Me To Do It Myself by Maja Pitamic. I also have Lesley Britton's Montessori Play and Learn on loan from the library. I have chosen several concepts from both books and will blog about them in a future post.

We will begin our (home) preschool in January 2009. I chose this date because I need time to prepare our environment and materials. I also wanted to get past the holidays and chaos that entails. In the mean time I will be posting our preparations and the impromptu lessons that may happen along the way.

I guess that just leaves one thing.



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